Tye Kyllo

Plant Health

Terra Nova Nurseries

Tye Kyllo grew up on a 100-acre family farm just outside Canby, OR, raising trees and propagating hardwood cuttings. In 2003 he began a career in construction, but after a decade, he realized he wanted to get back to something more farming based. He applied for a spray tech position with Terra Nova Nurseries and spent the next two years working with the company’s R&D operations, eventually becoming head grower for the operation’s indoor facility when Cannabis was legalized. In 2017, he moved into a role heading up Terra Nova’s IPM program. Since then, Tye has used education from the Internet, mentors, trade shows, books, and the knowledge he has gained gained from many years of experience in the field to make a more sustainable IPM program for Terra Nova Nurseries.

Recognized for breeding some the most garden worthy perennials and annuals in the industry, Terra Nova Nurseries gained a toehold in the industry by innovative thinking in all aspects of the business. Beginning with Heuchera and the Echinacea, Terra Nova popularized both these genera and is credited with introducing complex hybrids that are built from selected native species and selecting the best. Terra Nova’s innovations continue, even in their IPM program, relying upon a balance of reliable beneficials and when appropriate, soft chemistries to pick up what were missed by beneficials. Leading by example is what makes Terra Nova noteworthy.