Tomás Leyva III

Integrated Pest Control Manager

Greenfield Cannabis Company

Tomás Leyva III is a second-generation farmer in California’s Salinas Valley. He began working at the age of 16 at a vineyard in the hillsides of Gonzales, CA, where his focus was on pest and disease scouting throughout the 1,000-plus-acre farm.

Tomás graduated from Napa Valley College with an Associate of Science in viticulture, and after 10 years in the vineyard, he began his career in the cannabis industry working at a state-of-the-art, 4-acre greenhouse in the Salinas Valley. Starting out as a scout and sprayer in a high-production facility, he learned from his mentors how to balance a cost-efficient, effective IPM program with tightly scheduled, highly regulated cannabis production.

Today, Tomás is the Integrated Pest Control Manager at Greenfield Cannabis Co., a 5-acre Venlo-style, glass-roof greenhouse facility where 1 acre of premium cannabis is harvested every 2 weeks.

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