Tim Dahle


Dahle Orchards

Tim Dahle began working in the cherry industry in 1979. This work began as a field hand, then foreman, manager, and finally, in 1984, he purchased the first of seven farms that now constitute Dahle Orchards. In addition to farming Tim has worked as an instructor and/or presenter in Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Guatemala, Moldova, Chile, and Russia as well as some US venues. He served as a director for the International Fruit Tree Association for six years and served as an advisor for Oregon State Extension and for the Mid-Columbia Area Research Station.

Dahle Orchards was established in 1984 by Timothy Dahle, “The Farmer in The Dalles”. The operation is a family farm consisting of 380 acres of mostly high density, pedestrian orchards. It is the mission of Dahle Orchards to grow, distribute, and specialize in the production of high-quality fruit using the most current and innovative techniques and resources ensuring freshness, taste, and superior overall quality. Our focus is on fruit quality, food safety, worker safety, and sustainability.