Scott Ockey

Field Development Manager-Western U.S.

Certis Biologicals

Scott Ockey is the Field Development Manager in the Western U.S. for Certis Biologicals. He has been with Certis for 13 years and has helped research and launch products such as Double Nickel, LifeGard, Cyd-X HP, Madex HP, and many others. Prior to joining Certis, Scott had a short stint with Chemtura where he focused on research in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).

Scott received his master’s degree in biology/plant pathology from Utah State University where he also ran the plant disease diagnostic lab for 10 years. The past nine years at Certis working with California and PNW agriculture has been an extremely rewarding experience for Scott, due to the diversity of cropping systems and pest spectrum, but more importantly because of the support people in the industry.

Scott O.