Michelle Jones

Professor and DC Kiplinger Floriculture Chair

The Ohio State University

Dr. Michelle Jones studied agricultural biochemistry at Iowa State University for her B.S. degree and received her Ph.D. in horticulture from Purdue University. Her love of floriculture stems from an honors research project evaluating the effect of ethylene on carnation vase life.

She was on the faculty at Colorado State University and moved to The Ohio State University in 2001. She is currently a Professor in the Horticulture and Crop Science Department and serves as the D.C. Kiplinger Endowed Floriculture Chair. Her current research and Extension programs focus on the use of beneficial bacteria and biostimulants to increase nutrient use efficiency and improve disease and environmental stress tolerance in floriculture crops. She also works with greenhouse growers to identify and remediate ethylene damage in production greenhouses and improve the shelf life of flowering ornamentals.