Kim Horton

Organic Agronomist & Entomologist

Grimmway Farms

Kim began farming insects in 1998 as a part-time job in college, and it was an immediate perfect fit.  In addition, it was her first introduction to the use of biological control strategies to control an insect pest that eluded traditional chemical pesticides. Her interest in biological control led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in entomology and nematology at the University of Florida, Gainesville.  

She continued rearing insects and mites for the biological control industry for the next 15 years working with a wide array of conventional, sustainable, organic, and biodynamic growers. In 2015, she joined Grimmway Farms to expand the use of integrated pest management solutions on the farm as well as working to strengthen the organic fertilizer program, conduct field trials, and many other soil-based activities. Her primary focus is to support the farm in order to grow the healthiest crops possible. This includes troubleshooting plant growth, disease, and pest issues. She has a Pest Control Advisor license and a Certified Crop Advisor license, and her favorite insect is the dung beetle. 

Kim H