Jenny Garley

Chief Science Officer

NEW AGE Laboratories

Jenny Garley is the Chief Science Officer at NEW AGE Laboratories, located in South Haven, MI. Jenny is from, and currently located in, the Monterey Bay area in California and grew up in agriculture. She received a master’s degree in food science and technology from Oregon State University in conjunction with University of Alaska Fairbanks. This dual degree was brought forth by being awarded an Alaska Industrial Sea Grant Fellowship which involved both universities. 

Jenny has been immersed in plant sap analysis for almost eight years, creating sap sampling protocols, sap data analysis, and research and development. Initially training and working with Nova Crop Control, a sap lab in The Netherlands, she then moved to NEW AGE Labs in 2020.  

NEW AGE Labs was founded in 1998, as an environmental lab, quickly moved into the agriculture space, and has been providing plant sap analyses for more than six years. Jenny oversees the teaching and training of sap analysis for both growers and agricultural companies throughout the U.S., Mexico, and South America.  

Jenny G