BioControls USA Conference & Expo 2020 Program

The program for this year’s Biocontrols USA Conference & Expo delivers information on the biological tools and techniques you need, no matter what crop you’re producing in the field, the orchard, the vineyard, or the greenhouse. This year’s event will offer you solutions in a wide variety of topical areas:

Get a First Look at the Latest Biological Products

Biological tools can be extremely effective no matter what crop you grow, and new biopesticides, beneficials, and biostimulants are available to help solve your most pressing problems. The Biocontrols USA Conference will showcase new and upcoming products both in conference sessions and on the Expo floor throughout the event. Learn about the introductions you need to know for the 2020 season.


Whether your focus is field-grown or the greenhouse, the pressures from insect and disease pests are always evolving and need new solutions. At this year’s Biocontrols USA Conference you’ll learn about the latest biological tools and techniques that are providing benefits for pest management, food safety, and local, sustainable production of high-quality vegetable crops.


Permanent crops offer their own unique pest and crop quality challenges. In the sessions at this year’s event you’ll learn first-hand how tree fruit, grape, and nut growers are successfully incorporating biological products in their production systems to solve these problems — and how you can too.

Greenhouse Ornamentals

The greenhouse market has long been a leader in adopting biocontrol strategies, and that trend is as strong as ever. If you’re growing in a controlled environment, the Biocontrols USA Conference program will provide information on battling your toughest greenhouse pests with sustainable but effective tools, from biopesticides to beneficials to biostimulants.

Cannabis and Hemp

Cannabis and hemp growers are limited in their pest management toolbox, leaving them without many of the options that growers of other crops have readily available. That makes biological products a critical resource. Learn about the tools and techniques that are working for growers just like you, and can help you produce a high-quality and highly marketable crop.


This new area of biological tools is getting a lot of attention, but there’s still uncertainty about exactly what these products are and how to best use them in specialty crop production. Sessions at this year’s Conference will help you understand how biostimulants can enhance soils and produce higher quality crops in your field, orchard, and even greenhouse.


While biological products are a great fit in conventional IPM programs, you may not realize the extent to which they can also be an extremely valuable tool in organic production. This year’s Biocontrols USA Conference will dive deep into the ins and outs of using biologicals in your organic crop this season.

Pre-Conference Biologicals Tour and Post-Conference Workshop

Learning in a conference setting is great. Seeing biological tools in the field or taking a deeper dive in a workshop setting brings those lessons to ground level. Our optional, day-long bus tour prior to the start of the Biocontrols USA Conference & Expo offers the opportunity to meet and talk face-to-face with growers across the specialty crop spectrum who are putting biologicals to work in their own operations, and they’ll share their real-world experiences to help you do it too. And following the conclusion of the Biocontrols USA Conference & Expo, the biocontrols workshop will give you detailed, actionable information and tools you can take home and immediately put to work in your own operation.