The Country’s Only Conference Devoted to
Agricultural Biocontrols and Biostimulants

The sixth annual Biocontrols USA conference is designed for growers, pest control advisers, researchers, suppliers and those connected to the biocontrols industry.

Explore Biocontrol and Biostimulant Solutions

Growers are under pressure to modify best practices. Consumer demand, retailer expectations, and regulatory requirements are evolving.

Biologicals and biostimulants are effective tools any grower can implement to address these challenges.

Learn and Grow at Biocontrols USA

  • Success stories sharing how growers are integrating biologicals into conventional, organic, and integrated pest management (IPM) programs
  • Practical insight so you can learn to select, purchase, apply, and measure the efficacy of biocontrols
  • Regulatory updates and market developments that require or encourage the use of biocontrols
  • Operations and profitability strategies using the latest biocontrol products and techniques
  • Lively tradeshow floor showcasing leading biocontrol and biostimulant suppliers

Tradeshow Expo

Ground zero for the latest biocontrol, biostimulant, and organic products, solutions, and demonstrations from leading suppliers


Conference Extras

Optional pre- and post-conference programs offer in-depth strategies for how to apply biocontrols to your production