March 4-6 • Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

Two Great Events are Becoming One!

The Western and Eastern Biocontrols Conference & Expo Series events are combining to form the ONLY NATIONAL CONFERENCE dedicated to the use of biocontrol and biostimulants in specialty crops

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Solutions for growers who are evolving to meet consumer demand, retailer expectations and regulatory changes


Fruits, Vegetables, and Ornamentals

Attend the only U.S. conference dedicated to biocontrols offering education, networking and a vibrant tradeshow with leading suppliers.



Connect with organic growers focused on organic processes and learn how they integrate biologicals to improve production.



Learn how cannabis growers are taking advantage of the availability and benefits of biological products in their crop protection strategies.


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What Attendees Are Saying

“It was a great experience not only because of all the information provided but also because it helps with co-workers binding and networking.”

Rosalinda Luna
Matsui Nursery, Inc.

“Excellent event! We were very pleased with the level and quality of the attendees. Will definitely come back as exhibitors in 2020.”

Ignacio Trelles

“I have been attending the Biocontrols Conference annually since 2016. I have seen the technology and applications are fast evolving, and the conference organizers did a great job in formulating the program which has well displayed the new developments of our community.”

Xianming Duan
Sakata Seed America

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